"Brittany was the single most important factor in my recovery from a torn ACL and meniscus. Her medical knowledge is great, but it's her ability to connect with her patients and develop comprehensive therapy plans that sets her apart


Brittany listened to me much more than any other medical professional I encountered throughout the entire diagnosis, surgery, and recovery. Because she knew what I wanted the end result of my therapy to be, she created a treatment plan with weekly and monthly milestones to keep me on track.

Within one year of what I considered a devastating knee injury I was hiking to the summit of a 9,000-foot-tall mountain, rock climbing, and going on week-long camping trips. My physical heath is what allows me to live a life of fulfillment and purpose, so I'll never be able to thank Brittany enough for what she did to help me regain my health."


“Brittany is my hero! She is very in tune with clients and their needs. She has helped me heal and recover from shoulder instability and surgery. Due to Brittany's CrossFit and fitness background, she understands the type of activity I partake in and is helping me achieve my goal of successfully and safely continuing my fitness regime. I am given hands on attention to my shoulder and personalized PT regiments to follow suit. Thank you Brittany!"


“I had gone to Brittany after months of back and neck pain. She did a great job of understanding the root cause and putting me on a rehab plan that worked wonders. She held me accountable to do my exercises and used several therapy techniques that helped tremendously. I am now going on 1-month pain-free after months of pain."


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